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09 Jun 2019
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Ricardeau Lucceus

Juris Doctor
President and Founder of InterOcean Univeristy, Inc

Mr. Lucceus graduated from Hillsborough Community College where he majored in the Liberal Arts and earned an Associate in Arts Degree.   He further went on to complete two Bachelors of Arts Degree: one in Church Ministry and one in Political Science, from the Sure Foundation Theological Institute, and the University of South Florida respectively.  A lover of higher education Mr. Lucceus earned his juris doctorate degree from the Western Michigan University, Thomas M. Cooley Law School in April 2017. Mr. Lucceus is a recently published author of “God Justice in an Unjust world in 2005, and How Global Corruption becomes Rotten Flesh in 2017”,

Mr. Smith

Faculty Dean

President to come

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