Why Us ?

Why Choose InterOcean University

Why does InterOcean University want to create a free tuition program? According to the New York Times, “in 2013 just 65.9 percent of people who had graduated from high school the previous spring had enrolled in college, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said.” The article further stated that this number was lower than the previous year, which recorded 66.2 percent of graduates.

Heidi Shierholz, an economist with the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, stated: “Falling college enrollment indicates that upward mobility may become more difficult for working-class and disadvantaged high school graduates.” With the socio-economic challenge that the country is facing and the decline of financial power around the world and especially in third world countries; it is important that new possibilities must be created in order to help the underprivileged who cannot afford a higher education.

Our Target :

Our target market segment strategy is to promote a free tuition program within the distance learning market (Online education) with a focus on post-secondary education or College Education. Our tuition free program include but not limited to, free courses, free library for the students, etc. So far there are 10 major Universities that offer free tuition programs. However, there are major cost, and other obligations that the students have to fulfill in order to benefit from these free programs. For instance: Alice Lloyd College which is one of the top 50 University in the U.S. in 2009 each graduate of this University carried an average debt of $6,500. College of the Ozarks, “Students are required to work 15 hours a week at an on-campus work station and a 40-hour work week during breaks.The school provides a summer work program to cover the cost of room and board.” (http://affordableschools.net/)

Our approach of the free tuition program brings a new dimension to this market because there are no obligations or cost associate to our programs. ​Online University is very cost effective because it reduces major payroll expenses, and eliminates the major traditional cost(s) associate to renting, owning, and maintaining a physical facility. By promoting the importance of a college education and how this can affect someone’s salary and life in a positive way, also by making such a vehicle accessible through our free tuition program; with a very aggressive advertising (Social media, T.V and Radio stations and Billboard) we are certain that we can generate a very substantial number of potential college enrolled student(s) whom otherwise could have given up on their dream to go to college because they cannot afford high priced college tuition.

“According to a Harvard University study, due to the high cost of a college education and other factors, American college students are leaving college without a degree at higher rates than in other developed countries.”(TBS Magazine). That is in addition to those who are in the path to crush their dream to go to college due to costly tuition.“